Top Dog

Captain the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is our Head Honcho.

Responsible for the day to day running of Nth Level Consulting Ltd, he also has particular interest in our Coaching in-Motion™ programme and Consulting. Captain is available for walks, lap warming and general distraction in meetings as and when required.

His specialties include high-fives and nose kisses. His best trick is playing dead on the command of “bang”. Other skills include tummy rubs, chin snuzzles, and helpfully finding crumbs. Ever the optimist, he will always stare expectantly when you eat, demonstrating his positive mental attitude. His interests include his teddy bear whom he carries everywhere, biscuits, and squirrels. He has a clear preference for Introversion and is often seen but rarely heard. His best mates include Charlie a local Cavy rescue, Ruby the Jack Russell, Tilda and Zazie the poodles.

He has too many qualifications to mention here.

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