“The best advice I was ever given was to get a coach” Eric Schmidt, Former CEO, Google

You don’t have to be the CEO of Google to get a coach. Everyone should have one. A coach will offer you different perspectives, challenge your thinking, and act as a sounding board. They can offer tools and techniques for dealing with situations and build confidence. A coach has no agenda; a coach has unconditional positive regard for their client. With good rapport and chemistry they’ll create an alliance with you.


Find out more about coaching and how we can help. Whether it’s team coaching, or 1:1 we’ll match your needs with the right coach. A coach can help you with anything.


Career Progression Service

We can help you get some energy into your job search, whether it’s advice and feedback on your CV or repositioning your CV for a career change or job application. We can coach you on interview practice, and work with you to help you get that promotion.


Coaching in-Motion™

We believe some of our best ideas come when we’re in motion, that’s why we offer the opportunity to get out and go for a walk on your coaching session.



Coaching is a methodology used to help you develop your skills, abilities and performance. It can be used to help solve a problem or identify issues that might be getting in the way of you being at your best. Coaching can help you to gain perspective and focus, develop self-awareness, create goals and help you to choose direction and purpose. By talking things through with a qualified coach, you can work out a solution much quicker than allowing everything to swirl around in your head by yourself.

“Coaches don't push or pull people towards goals but support them in their exploration and utilisation of options, resources and motivation” Coaching Development.

A professional coach will help you to create clarity that may not have been there before.

They can:

  • Help you to unclutter your mind and look at options and alternatives
  • Encourage you to source solutions and interventions
  • Challenge you to improve and work differently
  • Help you generate self-awareness
  • Challenge your assumptions and self-limiting beliefs
  • Support you with your decisions
  • Be non-judgmental, non-guiding, non-invasive
  • Help you to develop your own answers

Coaches are not counsellors, psychotherapists, experts, teachers or advisors.

You don’t need to be an executive to benefit from coaching.

Here are examples of areas where people have asked us to provide coaching:

  • Working on positive personal impact
  • Dealing with a difficult conversation
  • Freeing up time to take on a new project
  • Dealing with overwhelm and busyness
  • Being a more effective manager
  • Sorting through difficult problems; a place to think out loud
  • Improving relationships with a co-worker
  • Getting focus on a project
  • Improving team meetings
  • Organising and getting started on a new project
  • Becoming a better listener
  • Clarifying expectations between team members and with management
  • Being seen as a team player
  • Staying focused and relaxed while managing a large project
  • Becoming proactive and getting out of crisis mode
  • Improving the effectiveness of a leadership team
  • Career exploration
  • Planning a presentation
  • Increasing ability to speak more effectively in meetings
  • Cleaning up clutter to get organised
  • Structuring client meetings
  • Working on my confidence after returning to work
  • Working on my interview technique
  • Reviewing my CV and getting some energy into my job-hunting

In short, a coach can help you with anything.

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Career Progression Service

Our qualified coaches can help you put some energy into your next career move. If it’s time for a change or you’re looking for some support, as qualified HR practitioners we know what sifters are looking for. Our career progression service is for anyone looking to change job or seeking to change career direction altogether.

We can help with:

CV review and feedback

  • We know how to structure your CV and we advise you on how to present your skills and competencies.
  • We can help you with your Linked-In profile and help you get your online presence
  • We can assist in brainstorming organisations and companies to target and tailor your CV to suit them.
  • See Nailing the interview

Interview preparation

  • We’ll help you to prepare and structure your answers
  • We can give you feedback on body language and remaining authentic
  • We can share techniques to come across positively in an interview
  • Our coaches can help the butterflies in your stomach fly in formation - no-one needs to know about your nerves.

Coaching in-Motion™

Walking whilst coaching provides a different perspective and direction. We encourage our clients to book Coaching in-Motion™ sessions to help them re energize their thinking. Getting out and walking whilst coaching sets the pace of reflection and action, you can also (literally) take a turn in direction or explore an avenue you hadn’t considered before. You can book sessions local to you, or in London. You can book a walk in between meetings to help you prepare. We run 90 minutes sessions to 4 hours. We can also provide a well behaved canine companion if appropriate, (see Top dog) or you could bring your own. Whatever works.