Bringing in a fresh pair of eyes will always give you a different perspective to your organisation. Whether it’s advising you on people matters, determining organisational values or if you need help in facilitating strategic goals - we can help.

Here are some examples of areas where we have worked before:

  • Conducting small business HR audits - ensuring companies are following best practice
  • Guidance and advice on best practice for performance management
  • Fine-tuning HR policies and processes
  • Setting up recruitment campaigns - from assessment centres to training interviewers
  • Facilitating board meetings to determine organisational objectives
  • Devising competency frameworks
  • Conducting face-to-face staff surveys
  • Formulating organisational induction processes
  • Designing and managing employee opinion surveys, and feeding the results into culture change programmes
  • Engaging employees with organisational values
  • Feedback on organisational behaviours
  • Conducting Training Needs Analysis
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