Leadership and Management

Coaching skills for managers

Getting the best out of people is a skill. Our default position is to tell people what to do - just as we were taught in school. However, it’s not the most effective way of working. Getting team members to take initiative - empowering them to solve problems - gives positive long-term results and is an effective leadership tool in any environment. Creating a coaching culture is the first step towards enabling organisations to grow organically. This workshop gives leaders of teams a practical approach to coaching, both on the job and as part of the performance management cycle. Delegates are given practical tools to apply in their workplace.

Topics include:

  • The difference between coaching, mentoring and counselling
  • Understanding the role of a manager as a coach
  • Switching between coaching and managing on the job
  • Using day-to-day work activities as an opportunity to coach and raise standards
  • Using different coaching methods on the job
  • Applying a structure to coaching
  • Practicing coaching
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