Leadership and Management

Managing Staff Performance

Managing individuals can be a minefield. The appraisal process is often perceived as a paperwork / tick box exercise. Managers fail to grasp the significance of performance management and the cost to the business when they get it wrong. Handling difficult conversations, giving and receiving feedback, developing a coaching culture are skills this programme drills down on. This workshop breaks performance management into bite size chunks so it doesn’t feel so daunting. This course gives managers comprehensive skills to incorporate performance management techniques into their day to day.

  • Exploring your role as a performance management manager and coach.
  • Setting clear expectations
  • The link between motivation and performance levels.
  • Changing your personal leadership style to get the most out of individuals
  • Praising and celebrating good performance.
  • The performance coach model.
  • Encouraging self-appraisal and review.
  • Managing under performers.
  • Handling difficult people in a fair and confident manner.
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