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Managing Workplace Stress

Stressed is desserts backwards. That’s one way of dealing with it, but it’s not always the best. We all have different ways of dealing with stress. Stress can easily have serious consequences for the individual, the team and the organisation as a whole. This positive and forward-looking workshop enables delegates to recognise the signs and build awareness of stress. It also gives delegates tools and techniques to manage stress effectively both in themselves and in others.

Topics include:

  • Examining when stress is good and when it’s not
  • Identifying your personal stress triggers
  • Working out ways to prevent stress, not just reduce it
  • Carrying out a workload audit
  • Prioritising your work Practising assertive behaviours to say no and push back graciously
  • Putting practical plans into place to manage your work-life balance
  • Introduction to mindfulness-based stressed reduction
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