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Networking skills

“Yay - let’s go to a networking event!” said no-one. Ever. That’s not strictly true, some people enjoy them. Most of us get thrown into situations where we have to mingle and network. And for many of us it’s an embarrassing scenario we hate - mainly because we don’t know how to do it effectively. It’s not something that gets taught in school. Networking is an essential part of your career, so you need to develop skills to start and instigate conversations that lead to fruitful work-based relationships for the future. This workshop gives you the basics, including techniques to remember names, engage with others and enter and exit a conversation.

Topics include:

  • Smalltalk techniques for those who don’t like it
  • Focusing on being interested rather than worrying about being interesting
  • Questioning and listening advanced skills
  • Instigating and opening conversations
  • Leaving a group smoothly and effortlessly
  • Connecting and linking to others using social media
  • Techniques for remembering names
  • Elevator pitches - preparing your spiel
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