Working With Groups

Presenting to Audiences

Let’s face it. We all hate them, but we all need to do presentations. We run workshops for the experienced presenter and for the novice. Getting feedback on your presentation style is something you can never have enough of. Whether you need to gain more confidence, learn the basics, seek feedback on your style or pick up new ways of presenting, this workshop is a great opportunity to develop your skills. Practice in a super-safe, encouraging and supportive environment.

Topics include:

  • Speaking to groups with greater confidence and professionalism
  • Planning and preparing your presentation more effectively
  • Using stories and imagery to engage your audience
  • Having the confidence to handle difficult topics and people
  • Focusing attention on the key issues while gaining audience acceptance of your message
  • Keeping your audience engaged using your enthusiasm and clear communication
  • Using the visuals to keep interest and enhance your message
  • Interacting with your audience, taking questions and feedback
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