We’re very proud of the positive feedback we receive from our clients. Here’s a selection of quotes of what our clients say about us.

Working with Sara has been a delightful experience! She was able to give focused advice on the context of the programme, add ways to ensure it flowed well and tied into the work of our department as a whole. The feedback so far from attendees was that having her as the facilitator enabled everyone to contribute. I wish we had used her expertise more! It has helped that Sara was cognizant of the working of Government and the way we think.

M. Neely, Strategic Communications FCO.

It’s rare that I attend a training and feel like I’ve changed at the end of it. I think this training was thought provoking and challenging. We don’t do enough of this in our organisation.


Everybody is still talking about your training courses! They really enjoyed them! Thank you again for all your work here, you really have made a positive impact on our team.

S. Montgomery, Acting High Commissioner, FCO

The workshop was excellent, I arrived feeling jaded, isolated, confused by my role and with lack of motivation, possibly/probably from leading my team through three years slow creeping death. I felt supported, reassured, valued and with a clearer focus on my own preferences and how this impacts my team. The managers now feel more part of a ‘virtual team’ with support from one another, which is essential as we go through the coming 18 months

Regional Manager, a closing-down Govt Department after attending a team event.

Wow. I can’t believe it’s almost 2 weeks already since our workshop with you. Truly one of the most interesting development sessions I’ve ever done”

J. Bishop, Solutions Architect, Elsevier Ltd.

I just wanted to thank you for such an informative, stimulating and exceptionally through provoking Thursday. I am still dumbfounded by the accuracy and the unambiguity of my profile and report and have been most "yellow" with my recommendations to friends over the weekend.

R. Madath, Partner, Rinedata

Your coaching has made me think and inspired me to action. No more sitting about, navel gazing. I make concrete goals, with deadlines has helped me to take responsibility for my life and career. I have made small incremental adjustments that have resulted in a massive difference in my attitude, how I take care of myself, and ultimately how I impact others.

Anon, Coaching client for three years.

Very deep and extremely informative on a personal and professional level.

S. Roberts, Process Manager, De La Rue

This programme is a real eye opener to see and listen to others perspectives; an incredibly useful workshop expertly delivered. Kept us engaged and energised throughout.

P. McDonagh, IT Ops & Service Delivery Manager, De La Rue

Really excellent trainer, made the learning fun and worthwhile – would like to have more training from her

N. McCoy, Financial Controller, De La Rue

Sara is an energetic, charismatic and a talented trainer. She's good at identifying and motivating what individuals need in the classroom and gives it to them. She leaves those who attend feeling like they've had individual and expert attention. She is able to adapt any given task to what suits the client best. One of the best trainers I have come across and would not hesitate to hire her again if there were the opportunity.

A. Bach, Evaluation And Design Practionner, Fco

Sara worked with us on an innovative and ground-breaking training project, aimed at catalysing organisational and cultural change. She brought both great expertise and vision to the project and contributed significantly to its success.

Programme Lead, Whitehall Govt. Dept.