Working With Groups

Facilitation skills

A facilitator is a catalyst. Engaging and facilitating a group is a science that can be learned. Anyone needing to get people involved needs to know how to facilitate. Whether you need a group to come up with solutions, define who they are, or brainstorm ideas, a facilitator needs to have the skills to ensure that everyone contributes. They mustn’t get in the way. This is a practical workshop that gives anyone the skills to engage a group from start to finish.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding the difference between facilitation and training
  • Developing greater personal impact and confidence as a facilitator
  • Learning a range of different approaches to facilitation
  • Attaining greater skills in focusing groups quickly and effectively on common objectives
  • Enabling the groups you work with to be more productive and effective
  • Dealing with difficult behaviours
  • Planning a facilitation session
  • Using techniques to encourage participation
  • Understanding personalities and group dynamics
  • Practising a facilitation session with feedback
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