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Dealing with Workplace Conflict

Whether it’s someone you work with, or a stakeholder, sometimes we have to deal with conflict, disagreements or just someone else’s bad mood. This workshop is a thoughtful, reflective and practical programme that enables you to think about difficult situations you’ve been in and practice techniques to deal with them assertively and confidently.

Topics include:

  • Understanding human reactions and how the brain works
  • Identifying types of difficult situations - and recognise how to respond
  • Recognising the difference between reacting and responding - and using the 4-step model
  • Stating what assertive behaviour really is and understand the “I’m OK, you’re OK” dynamic
  • Choosing behaviour when receiving with feedback (even if you may not agree with it)
  • Giving feedback to those who make you feel “not OK”
  • Being clear about definitions of bullying, discrimination and harassment
  • Practising conversations through case studies
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